Specialised Mediation (Mindfulness Training) for  Bulimia.

The Big Picture…

A few minutes each day with Specialised Meditation for Bulimia can Conquer Your Urges to Binge, Purge or Stave yourself. It Can Also Stop Your Anxiety and Fears associated with Eating Disorders.

Over 1,000 research studies prove:  “Meditation is the most powerful way to create changes in the mind, brain and body…”

The powerful benefits of Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders (also called Mindfulness Training) come from its ability to quickly and easily put you into the deep state of relaxation and give you positive, hypnotic suggestions while you are in this healing state. The most common benefits people get from the Specialised Meditation for Bulimia are:

  • Lowers the urges to binge, purge or starve (and completely stops them with a longer training).
  • Reduces (even completely eliminates) the negative brain chatter.
  • Significantly increases general happiness.
  • Marginally improves confidence.
  • Changes people’s beliefs by changing their feelings and emotions.
  • Rapidly improves memory, focus and concentration.
  • Slows and even reverses aging.
  • Improves the function of the heart.

…and much more benefits. What we’re actually doing is gradually giving the nervous system more input of a very precise nature – aimed to live a healthy life without an eating disorder, in much the same way physical exercise affects the body, making it to grow stronger.

What is the brain’s response?

  • Reorganization at a higher level.
  • Creation of new neural pathways.
  • Growing new neurons (brain cells)
  • Increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to what scientists call “whole-brain functioning”…
  • Production of good brain chemicals: serotonin, oxytocin (the hormone of Love) and other pleasure hormones.

What are the causes of your eating disorder in the first place?

Every person has a threshold for what they can handle emotionally. When our threshold is exceeded, we feel uneasy – even overwhelmed – and we begin to use one or more coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms include anxiety, anger, overeating, binging-purging, starving, substance abuse, sadness, depression and many others. One of the most amazing things about Specialised Meditation is that it provides a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher. My view is that all eating disorder problems, feelings and behaviours are attempts to cope with being pushed over this threshold. When a person is traumatized in some way during childhood (which happens, to some degree to all eating disorder sufferers) this threshold ends up lower than if the trauma had not happened. The more traumas you experience, the lower your threshold will be, and the more often you will be bothered by circumstances and life events that might not bother another person who has a higher, more “normal” threshold.

Is there a solution to all of this?

Yes. Raise your threshold higher, which is precisely what Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders does. As this happens, your dysfunctional feelings and behaviours happen less and less often because it becomes less likely that whatever is happening in your life can push you over your (now higher) threshold and trigger these feelings and behaviours in the first place. As a result, they fall away – for good. You deal with whatever happens with more equanimity and more inner peace. This is a lot like a runner who begins with a certain physical threshold, but raises it by running every day until what would have overwhelmed them in the beginning becomes easy.

And Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders raises your threshold especially in relation to eating and body image problems.

A Message from Alice about Specialised Meditation for Eating disorders.

So why does Specialised Meditation (or mindfulness training) work for eating disorders? The simple answer is – it allows us to reach a state of relaxation where we can access the subconscious mind and hence allows us to change the way it functions. You see the subconscious mind is really in control of everything you know, do and say, in fact it is the real you. All your hopes and fears live in the subconscious mind, it is home to all your feelings and emotions whether good or bad and the scary thing is you have no logical control over the subconscious mind (it is controlled by child logic). The part which is responsible for the subconscious is called the Limbic system. Who is the real you? You are in fact a combination of two parts: a conscious part (logical and decision making) and a subconscious part (feelings, emotions and senses). Your conscious part decides what you are going to wear tonight, if you want a soft drink or a fruit juice, decides how to talk to your boss or teacher, make judgements and other basic everyday things. Your subconscious part makes you feel a certain way, creates certain emotions -makes you happy or unhappy, sad or angry, loveable or unlovable, upset or excited, confident or shy. Also it runs all your automatic functions: food digestion, waste excretion, muscles movements, all your five senses and etc. Conscious and subconscious work together.  But and here is a big but: when it comes to the final result: the subconscious will always win out over the logical (conscious part) of you. This happens because the subconscious is the much bigger part of the brain.

Conscious part of the brain – takes 5%-10% of all brain capacity Subconscious part of the brain – takes 90%- 95% of all brain capacity

Eating disorders live in the subconscious part of your mind, because eating disorders are all about feelings, emotions, self-beliefs and senses. That’s why it doesn’t matter how hard you logically try to stop your binging, purging or starving behaviours – you can’t. To really stop an eating disorder you should work on the subconscious level of your brain where the feelings and self-beliefs come from. Where do self-beliefs come from? We have thousands of these self-beliefs that govern all areas of our lives but where do self-beliefs come from? They are mostly developed in us at a very young age. The key is they are then cemented in the subconscious mind and make up our personality. Most of our adult behaviours are based on “programming” we picked up before the age of 5 or 6. Studies have shown that small children receive over 400 negative messages a day, (“don’t be naughty”, “you’re too noisy”, “stop being so messy”), compared with only about 20 positive ones. Is it surprising that low self-esteem or negative self-image is so common? But here is the crunch: When it comes to getting results, your self-belief (programming) will always win out over your conscious desire: period! This means that no matter how much you consciously think that you want to give up binging, purging or starting,  (for example), no matter how desperate you feel about it, or how certain you are that it’s “the right thing for you to stop”, if you have an underlying self-belief (program) that is stopping you from giving up, then it won’t happen.  What is the secret of the Specialized Meditation (or Mindfulness Training)? To really understand why the Specialised Meditation works you need to know how the brain and the nervous system operate. Our brain and the nervous system consist of nerve cells which communicate with each other 24 hours a day by generating electrical impulses. These impulses fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns called brain waves. The slower the brain waves – the more relax we are. And the faster the brain waves – the more stressed we are. Here is a brief description of the different brain waves. Beta (15 – 40 cycles per second) = Conscious (thinking, rationalizing). Higher levels associated with anxiety, unease, feelings of separation, fight or flight. Alpha (9 – 14 cycles per second) = Sub-conscious (relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production and other pleasure brain chemicals). Associated with: pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, meditation, access to subconscious mind. Theta (5 – 8 cycles per second) = deep Sub-conscious (deep meditation, direct access to the subconscious mind, dreaming sleep, increased production of pleasure brain chemicals, increased learning and memory, increased creativity.) Associated with: integrative, emotional experiences, potential change in behaviour, increased retention of learned material. Also hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind. Delta (1.5 – 4 cycles per second) = very deep Sub-conscious (coma, dreamless sleep, Human growth hormone released) Associated with deep, trance-like, non-physical state, loss of body awareness, access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind. Anxiety, disharmony and disease (dis-ease ) are associated with the highest and rapid levels of brain activity. So, to heal yourself from the illness you need to be in slower brain waves activities (Alpha or Theta or even Delta). Brain waves. There is the Right and Wrong Kind of Meditation. The right way to meditate is to be in an Alpha or Theta (or even deeper) state during meditation, but it is not all. After meditation your Alpha state should be kept as long as possible. This is a mindfulness state. If a person is mindful, negative thoughts, obsessions or urges can’t co-exist with the state of mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you engaged in activities but the mind is set in the meditative state all the time. Only in this mindful state your mind can achieve its full potential. Wrong way to meditate is just to “try” to do something that is generally called meditation (without going to the Alpha and Theta levels). Then after this so called “meditation” continue to be in a Beta state (state of normal thinking, stress, anxiety). People who have said they tried meditation and it didn’t work, did meditation wrong way. That’s why they didn’t get any positive results. Before you go running out the door to get some meditation CDs, one has to be a bit careful of what you get and what problem you have to deal with. It will be totally useless getting just any CD unless it is tailored made for the problem you have. For this reason we put together a special meditation CDs for the common eating disorders and associated with them conditions.As you know eating disorders are complex and include many problems: anxiety, low self-esteem, heart complications, digestive problems, memory and focus and increased aging. Our CDs are individually made for each problem and specially mixed with the correct kind of alpha music to reach the subconscious mind. They also have individual emotion, feelings, visualization and mental participation (mindfulness training) for all the conditions I listed above. To top the range off, we have a special night-time CD that actually works by affecting your subconscious mind at the Theta brain wave level while you are sleeping and reprograms the way you are thinking at the deepest level. This is a powerful way of healing your eating disorder as you are asleep with no distractions. Here is what other people say about our CDs:

A Vast Improvement In Our Daughter’s Condition “We are writing to say just how thrilled we are with the outcome of our daughter Alice using your mindfulness training meditation CDs. She now listens to the CDs day and night, and loves doing it! Each day, she spends about an hour in the morning and listens at night on her CD player on a loop so it plays all night while she is asleep. As you promised, it is like having an all-out attack on her subconscious.M. C. (USA)

Your CDs are a very smart way to tackle the problem at the crux of it.I would also like to thank you for these wonderful CDs.It seems that they are a fantastic way to get rid of the “silly” thoughts and beliefs recorded in the subconscious.I agree with you that it is very interesting and helpful to understand how the brain really works in order to deal with any disorder.Realizing that what holds you back is certain blockages which, although you have rejected in a conscious level, continue to cling on subconsciously, is very self-empowering. The only way to make a positive conscious action and change is by challenging these limiting beliefs and resulting negative self-image.And your CDs are a very smart way to tackle the problem at the crux of it, using the brain as an ally to success!I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and thank you again for your ideas!  (NSW, Australia)

So you have the choice of daytime treatment and night-time treatment or all 3 of them.

Here is what our Mindfulness Training Meditation CDs consist of:

Bulimia day time meditation CD
only $25.47 (electronic download)

Bulimia night-time subliminal meditation CD.
only $25.47 (electronic download)

Stress Free Meditation CD.
only $25.47 (electronic download)

Or you can get a whole set of 3 CD for only $48.47(electronic download)

Bulimia 3 CD set (day time, night time or subliminal and stress-free) for
only $48.47 (electronic download)

Not Keen on Downloads? You would prefer the actual CDs sent to you in a box? Then see below.

For Bulimia Pack which includes 3 CDs (day-time, night-time or subliminal and stress-free CD) Plus Get a Free ‘Learn How to Meditate DVD’ Price of 3 CD Set and free DVD is only $57 plus $12 postage.

You Can Have All the CDs and DVD Fully Loaded on an 8G MP4 Player.

You can have all the CDs Loaded on an MP4 the benefits of this method are easy too listen to, no distractions from outside, no outside noise, so you can access your subconscious much easier. Price is $97.95 plus $20 postage. Plus we give you 30 Alpha state music tracks to keep your sprits up for free.

 P.S: the night-time CDs are subliminal and they act below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception. Audio stimuli are played below audible volumes and you can hear only nature sounds at first (until your subconscious mind starts to perceive them as images).
These CDs are not a miracle cure, there is no such thing for eating disorders. You have to actually do something towards getting better. If you do not start reprogramming your mind away from the negative to the positive then you simply will not get better. These CDs are the key to starting the reprogramming process and the key to success.Still not sure and want to know more about the science behind Mindfulness Training meditation then  Click Here

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