Awaken the best healer: your own body and mind.

A few minutes each day with Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders can Heal your Body, Cure your Mind and completely Transform your life to the best.

Your Heart responds to Meditation like it would respond to Love. Meditation is Love, the Love  of Yourself and the God inside you. – Dr Irina Webster 

Here is great news – You are the keeper of your own healing. We all are. We all keep an intuitive intelligence inside us which is so powerful that it can cure and heal. You should never forget that it is your right to heal yourself and look inside yourself for the answers.

Eating disorders are problems where self-healing is necessary. In fact, without self-healing it may be impossible to improve these conditions at all. And this is why many clinics and doctors fail to cure eating disorders because they take the healing power away from the sufferer. They focus on themselves as care providers, making the sufferer depended on them, or on drugs or on somebody else, while the real healing power is inside the sufferer.

You can call this power Energy, Intuition or Internal voice. Complete disconnection with this power causes many health problems: anxiety, depression, overeating, bingeing, purging or starving yourself.

Often this is what keeps the eating disorder going (the fact that you think you are powerless, hopeless and helpless). So, to recover from the illness, this is one area which needs to be examined and nurtured.

What is the real treatment?

An eating disorder takes up all the space inside the person’s mind and for many people it becomes a core part of their personality. So, the real treatment and cure for eating disorders is re-connecting to this internal voice (intuition) and following it, instead of connecting to the eating disorder voices.

Karina’s Story

From childhood, Karina loved to dance. When she reached high school she was a very good experienced dancer. She started to think about dancing as a career. Unfortunately, Karina’s parents had different ideas. They forced her to focus on science, English and math in preparation for a career as a doctor or scientists which they considered as something more prestigious and certain. When Karina was forced to replace dancing for studying, the perfectionist streak in her personality started to go out of control— soon she was overstudying and cutting back on her social life.

When she stopped dancing, she put on some weight and her body image started to suffer —she saw herself as overweight even though her weight was in a normal range for her height.

She started dieting to lose weight and also became lonely and unhappy. Dieting worked and she managed to lose weight quickly.  Her friends and parents told her how great she looked. For someone with a poor body image, a thwarted passion, and a perfectionist streak, that was all it took. Karina redirected all the passion and perfectionism that had once gone into her dancing and focused it on not eating. She very quickly developed a classic case of anorexia nervosa.

For many years Karina went from therapist to therapist looking for the right treatment with little success. It was not until through meditation she got re-connected to her internal voice and she began to improve. After re-storing the body weight she returned to dancing again. Her condition has significantly improved.
She continues to meditate daily and practice mindful awareness. She dances regularly, she works and studies.  The once powerful Anorexia voices are not the main ones she hears anymore. She listens to her own intuition.

Andrew’s Story

Andrew was a college athlete. Everyone thought he was going to become an Olympic champion in the future. He trained hard  but before every competition he was under a lot of pressure to keep his weight down. His perfectionistic personality led Andrew into bulimia nervosa—a condition that is fairly common among high-level athletes, male and female. As his eating disorder got worse, Andrew’s health deteriorated to the point where he had to drop off the team for medical reasons. Without the focus of sport and training, Andrew felt lost. Athletics was his passion but he couldn’t do it anymore. Therefore, bulimia became his passion, focus and attention.

He spent years being a bulimic. But only when he learned to be mindful, be aware of what his mind was doing, did Andrew start to quit his bad eating habits and restore his health.

Both these people Karina and Andrew had passionate interests in their lives before they developed eating disorders. Their passions were abandoned, because of outside pressure and because of their own perfectionist personalities.  Not all cases are like this of course, everyone is different, but the same principles apply.

What if you never had any passionate interests in life?

Judith’s Story

Judith is a 37-year-old accountant with a binge eating disorder. When I asked her what was her passion before the binge eating started, she just looked at me blankly. She honestly didn’t know what to answer. Judith had a type of eating disorder when her identity didn’t form properly in adolescence.  She was blocked. She never developed any real interests, much less passions in her life. When Judith was a young girl at an age when identity and life interests should have been developing, she was sexually abused. The severe trauma made her withdrawn and fearful. Instead of exploring her world, she turned inward and filled her emotional void with binge eating.

In cases like Judith’s it is still helpful to find your passion and interests in life other than an eating disorder. In fact, this is the only way to stop an ED: to replace it with a purpose, find your intuition and connect to your Higher Self. But much more work needs to be done and much more effort needs to be put in.

This is what the Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders is all about – helping you to find or re-connect to your internal voice (intuition or energy).

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