Binge Eating

Specialized Mediation for Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating.

                                                             The Big Picture…

    A few minutes each day with Specialised Meditation can Significantly Reduce the Urges to Overeat and Bring a Desirable Balance to Your Eating Process.
It Will also Stop the Fear, Anger and Sadness Associated with

 If you suffer from any form of overeating then this is the most important and valuable information you have ever read…

You see, the psychological root of overeating is to find nourishment for emotional hunger other than food (such as spirituality, love, faith and intimacy). Your urges to overeat come from the unconscious reaction to protect yourself from the overwhelming feelings you get at home, work, school or anywhere.

Overeating substitutes for an unconscious defence mechanism , an attempt to buffer overflowing negative energy that may bombard you, so you start to:

  • eat when you’re not hungry
  •  go on eating binges for no apparent reason
  • spend too much time thinking about food
  • have feelings of guilt and remorse after overeating
  • look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the time when you can eat alone
  • plan these secret binges ahead of time
  • have weight problems that affect the way you live your life
  • continue to think that you can diet “on your own” whenever you wish

The bottom line is that if you regularly overeat, you use food as a drug, grappling with boredom or illness or loss or grief or emptiness or loneliness or rejection. Food is only the means to the end, to change your emotions, to make yourself numb. You use food – to go unconscious, to wipe out what’s going on. The unconsciousness becomes more important – not the food.

Often people may say that they like the taste of food, but: and there is a big BUT… When you like something you pay attention to it and take time to be with it. You want to be present every single moment if you like something.

But when you overeat all the time you lose the present, in fact you are in a trance that makes you numb to all your senses and feelings.

Compulsive overeating is the way you hide yourself from your life, the way you leave yourself.

But here is the good news:

To end your obsession with food you must increase your capacity to stay in the present moment and be fully alive.  Because if you can’t stay in the present moment (the ‘Now’), you will always slip into the trap of binging.

For a compulsive eater, it is difficult to stay in a present moment as your mind wanders: in the past, future or it dives into a fantasy. You often want to be somewhere different from where you are. Want life to be different than it is now.

So, how the Specialised Meditation CD (or Mindfulness Training for Binge eating) will help you?

Basically it trains your mind to stay in a present moment.

To really understand the healing power of the state of ‘Now’ you need to know how the brain and the nervous system operate.

Our brain and the nervous system consist of the nerve cells which communicate with each other 24 hours a day by generating electrical impulses. These impulses fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns called brain waves.

The slower the brain waves – the more relax we are. And the faster the brain waves – the more stressed we are. The ‘Now’ state (or being in a present moment state) is associated with the Alpha waves activity or even slower brain waves.

Here is a brief description of the different brain waves.

Beta (15 – 40 cycles per second) = Conscious (thinking, rationalizing). Higher levels associated with anxiety, unease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.
Binging/ overeating starts when the brain works on high level of beta (feelings of stress, anxiety, agitation or sadness).

(9 – 14 cycles per second) = Sub-conscious (relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production and other pleasure brain chemicals).
If you try to stop overeating /binging when brain in alpha state – you more likely to achieve a positive result.

Alpha is also a meditative state – when you meditate (Specialised Meditation for Binge eating helps you to be in the alpha state).

Theta (5 – 8 cycles per second) = deep Sub-conscious (deep meditation, direct access to the subconscious mind, dreaming sleep, increased production of pleasure brain chemicals, increased learning and memory, increased creativity.)

Associated with: integrative, emotional experiences, potential change in behaviour, increased retention of learned material. Also hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind. Also, a healing state and is very good for reducing eating disorder symptoms. It is where you can change your self-believes from negative to positive.

Delta (1.5 – 4 cycles per second) = very deep Sub-conscious (coma, dreamless sleep, Human growth hormone released)

Associated with deep, trance-like, non-physical state, loss of body awareness, access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind.

And this is what the Specialised Mediation for Binge Eating is for:

To change the brain waves in your head and put them from beta state to alpha state (“Now” state). And also:

  • To affect your subconscious mind (where the emotions come from)
  • To erase the false messages about food and eating from your subconscious.
  • To embed into your brain the “happy” messages, so your brain thinks that it is already happy and doesn’t need to use food to feel “happy”.

To help you to stop your Binge Eating (or Compulsive Overeating ) we put together a special meditation CDs.

Our CDs are individually made for each this problem and specially mixed with the correct kind of alpha music to reach the subconscious mind. They also have individual emotion, feelings, visualization and mental participation (mindfulness training) for all the conditions I listed above.

To top the range off, we have a special night-time CD that actually works by affecting your subconscious mind at the Theta brain wave level while you are sleeping and reprograms the way you are thinking at the deepest level. This is a powerful way of healing your Binge eating disorder when you are asleep with no distractions.

Here is what other people say about our CDs:

A Vast Improvement In Our Daughter’s Condition

“We are writing to say just how thrilled we are with the outcome of our daughter Alice using your mindfulness training meditation CDs. She now listens to the CDs day and night, and loves doing it! Each day, she spends about an hour in the morning and listens at night on her CD player on a loop so it plays all night while she is asleep. As you promised, it is like having an all-out attack on her subconscious.

Your CDs are a very smart way to tackle the problem at the crux of it.
I would also like to thank you for these wonderful CDs. It seems that they are a fantastic way to get rid of the “silly” thoughts and beliefs recorded in the subconscious. I agree with you that it is very interesting and helpful to understand how the brain really works in order to deal with any disorder. Realizing that what holds you back is certain blockages which, although you have rejected in a conscious level, continue to cling on subconsciously, is very self-empowering. The only way to make a positive conscious action and change is by challenging these limiting beliefs and resulting negative self-image. And your CDs are a very smart way to tackle the problem at the crux of it, using the brain as an ally to success! I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and thank you again for your ideas!

So you have the choice of daytime treatment and night-time treatment or all 3 of them.

Here is what our Mindfulness Training Meditation CDs consist of:

Binge eating day time meditation CD only $25.47 (electronic download)



Binge eating night-time meditation CD.
only $25.47 (electronic download)



Stress Free Meditation CD.
only $25.47 (electronic download)



Or you can get a whole set of 3 CD for only $48.47(electronic download)

Binge eating 3 CD set (night time, day time and stress-free)
for only $48.47 (electronic download)



Not Keen on Downloads? You would prefer the actual CDs sent to you in a box?
Then see below.

For Binge eating  which includes 3 CDs (day-time, night-time and stress-free)
Plus Get a Free ‘Learn How to Meditate DVD’
Price of 3 CD Set and free DVD is only $57 plus $12 postage.



You Can Have All the CDs and DVD Fully Loaded on an 8G MP4 Player.

You can have all the CDs Loaded on an MP4 the benefits of this method are easy too listen to, no distractions from outside, no outside noise, so you can access your subconscious much easier. Price is $97.95 plus $20 postage.
Plus we give you 30 Alpha state music tracks to keep your sprits up for free.


P.S. If you are not satisfied with the CDs, we guarantee that we will give you in 30 days a refund after asking and following our advice while learning the principles. Can we be fairer than that? But please actually listen to the CDs as we describe and follow what is said on the CDs, this is important.

These CDs are not a miracle cure, there is no such thing for eating disorders. You have to actually do something towards getting better. If you do not start reprogramming your mind away from the negative to the positive then you simply will not get better. These CDs are the key to starting the reprogramming process and the key to success.

Still not sure and want to know more about the science behind Mindfulness Training meditationthen Click Here