Mindfulness and Eating Disorders.

There are many people all over the world suffering from eating disorders which are difficult to treat and heal.  Eating disorders such as binging and purging have become quite popular, especially among teen girls and grown women.  The glamour of Hollywood stars and models who are very thin often give females the feeling that in order to be popular and have high self-esteem, they must also be thin, which can have a negative effect on a body physically and mentally.  The “need” to be thin in order to be approved can set a girl up for an eating disorder.

Many of the disorders related to eating are mostly associated with factors such as stress, anxiety, phobias, substance abuse, physical complications and mood disturbances.  The best possible solution for eating disorders problems is to become mindful, or be aware of your self, your own thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness means awareness of the present moment without judgment.  Mindfulness is a subset of mediation and gets developed by doing regular meditation.  Meditation is directing and focusing your attention to the particular thing: a part of the body, your own breath or any other things or actions.   The more you meditate the more mindful you become in everyday life.

When you are mindful and fully aware of your body, its functions, and emotions, it helps you to pay close attention to the present moment and therefore to control urges to binge, purge or starve yourself.

Benefits of being mindful

By being mindful a person is concerned about the present and gives importance to what is happening at the moment.  Being mindful means not getting lost in the past or worrying about the future.  For those struggling with eating disorders, it means coming to terms and peace with where one is right now and not concerning the self with fears about weight.  It is learning to accept truth and receive unconditional love for self. People can effectively practice mindfulness in order to gain control over their mind, which is the key to controlling our body.

Why is mindfulness helpful in overcoming eating disorders?

It is always easy to paddle a boat in a calm sea rather than during a storm. Our body works in the same fashion.  The key to whatever we feel, such as fear, anger, joy, and hunger, is controlled by our brain. If our brain is at peace, like a calm sea, it will send the right signals.  If our brain is in a state like a storm, it will not send the right signals.  Therefore, it is essential that we practice mindfulness, as it helps to control and calm the mind. This awareness of self helps peace and positive energy to flood our mind and body, which in turn helps to overcome various kinds of eating disorders.

The benefits of mindful eating

When it comes to understanding how mindfulness can help a person control her eating disorders, it can be put in very simple words. When one becomes self-aware, then the eating habits of a person will be more controlled. The more mindful you become, the more mindful you will become of what kinds of foods you are eating and what kind of shape your body is in. Mindfulness helps a person to calm the mind, become a good observer of self, slow the pace of uncontrollable stream of thoughts, stay in the present moment and reduce the thought of suffering, which has become a habitual response of those suffering with eating disorders.

If you do not know how to become more mindful, begin by reading up on the topic.  Make a decision to allot 30 minutes a day to becoming more mindful. Read about it, but also practice mindfulness/meditation on a daily basis. The art of being mindful will bring you peace and joy and will help you to overcome whatever eating disorder you are struggling with.

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