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Why Mindful awareness Meditation works: the Science behind it.

Most people are a little bit skeptical about meditation and if in really works for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. In the past before the advent of modern science we could not really document how the brain works but now thanks to PET scans we can now see the brain change by the power of affirmations and thinking differently.

Dr J Schwartz did a lot of work with people suffering with OCD obsessive compulsive disorders, these are people who have a obsession they can’t stop, like checking if the door is locked 100 times before they can leave home or washing their hands 100 times to make sure they are clean.
As an Eating Disorder is a kind of OCD the graph here is very relevant to the sufferer.

Dr Schwartz found that by getting these people to think differently (neuroplasticity) and practice a kind of meditation he was able to break their habits and be free of their obsession.

The PET scan shows the area of the brain that controls behaviors like obsessions OCD, eating disorders etc. The pre section was bigger and overheated with the disorder. The post shows after applying meditation and thinking differently, the area is normal and all the overheating and enlargement is gone. 

This is a very compelling example that can’t be refuted the fact is that changing the way you feel act and think can change your brain.

The discovery of neuroplasticity, that our thoughts can change
the structure and function of our brains, even into old age,
is the most important breakthrough in our understanding of the
brain in four hundred years

Dr Norman Doidge

Meditation changes your emotions and feelings, a proven fact.

The finds of a group of researchers at UCLA who used high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan the brains of people who meditate. In a study published in the journal NeuroImage. The researchers report that certain regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger than in a similar control group of none meditators.
The photo shows: “The right orbito-frontal cortex, shown here, is one of the areas of the brain that appears to be enlarged due to meditation”. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of California – Los Angeles)

Specifically, meditators showed significantly larger volumes of the hippocampus and areas within the orbito-frontal cortex, the thalamus and the inferior temporal gyrus — all regions known for regulating emotions, all confirmed by MRI scans. Since these are the areas of the brain responsible for eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia it shows that meditation is vitally important to getting rid of your ED.

The researchers also found that meditation was beneficial in having better focus and control over their emotions, many people who meditate regularly have reduced levels of stress and bolstered immune systems.

The researchers used 44 people 22 meditators and 22 none meditators (controls). They found significantly larger cerebral measurements in meditators compared with controls, including larger volumes of the right hippocampus and increased gray matter in the right orbito-frontal cortex, the right thalamus and the left inferior temporal lobe.

Because these areas of the brain are closely linked to emotion these might be the neuronal underpinnings that give meditators’ the outstanding ability to regulate their emotions and allow for well-adjusted responses to whatever life throws their way. Like curing your anorexia, bulimia eating disorder.

The Power of Subliminal Nighttime Meditation.

Back in the 70s-80s both the USA and USSR where experimenting in subliminal messaging. The US government put a ban on advertisers using subliminal massages in their advertising as carefully placed messages in food stores, saying to buy a certain cola saw a big jump in the sale of this product.

The USSR used subliminal methods to teach English to their KGB spies as a way of improving their language skills in a very short time with little effort during the cold war.

Modern mind researchers like Derren Brown, William Bryan Key, Vance Packard etc have done much work on the application of subliminal messages.

In 2005 The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology shown that subliminal messaging positively affected the way the test group acted.  

As already explain on the main page the subconscious mind is responsible for all our feelings, emotions, and the way we behave. By using subliminal messaging we can positively change the way we feel, act and think much quicker than can be done with simply thinking about change.

The use of subliminal messaging is completely unobtrusive and also very enjoyable. You can simply relax as we teach you in the relaxation CD and at the same time program your mind to cure your anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. Played at night on a loop while you sleep turns itself into a all night reprogramming session.

When playing our nighttime CD all you hear is the restful sounds of the country, a running brook meandering through the country side, the sounds of birds singing and other typical country sounds. But what your subconscious will pick up is positive affirmations like: “It is now ok to eat healthy again” and “It is now ok to stop your anorexia or bulimia or binge eating”, “I feel free and wonderful now the bulimia is gone, etc” Simple little phrases like this carefully embedded in the music by a person of authority will have profound impact on the subconscious mind.

Binaural beats.

We also use Binaural beats in our recordings, these are special frequencies that have been proven to affect the various levels of brain waves. These are divided for convenience into 4 categories—beta, alpha, theta and delta.

As adults, we spend most of our waking time in the beta area. Beta is where we do our logical thinking, rationalising and planning.  Stress also occurs on beta waves but on high frequencies beta waves.

Alpha, on the other hand, while still an “awake” state, is that relaxed, day-dreamy state that you can go into when you are doing something creative (eg painting, sewing) or something repetitive (eg jogging, driving long distance on open roads). It’s the time when your mind just wanders freely, and time just seems to fly by.

When we meditate our brain also works on alpha state. Alpha brain-waves are produced in most people when they focus the mind on something like their breath or hands , or relax by sitting with their eyes closed. When our brain is producing alpha waves we experience of a pleasant, comfortable, mildly relaxed yet wakeful state of awareness.

This experience represents a relatively stress-free and euphoric state of being. The general understanding is that the more that alpha is produced in ordinary states of awareness, the easier it is to access deeper meditative states.

What binaural beats do is get you into the alpha state quicker than you can do yourself so healing takes place much faster. It also gets the person into the theta state faster when they are asleep letting the positive affirmations do their work on changing the subconscious mind.

A very powerful combination.

When you add proper relaxation techniques, targeted meditation and night-time subliminal messaging. You are making a concerted attack on the subconscious mind and forcing it to change and build new neuronal pathways and applying the power of neuroplasticity.

Regardless of what any other methods say for treating eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, if you do not target the subconscious mind then you will not beat the eating disorders. You have to fight the anorexia and bulimia, binge eating where it lives and that is the subconscious mind, This is made easier to do with the proper relaxation and meditation methods.

So as you can see this is only a fraction of the proof that meditation works, so go ahead .

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